Cheesecakes can come come in a variety of shapes, flavors and color. We alone offer 25 different variations of the American Classic and each one very much different from the other and yet closely the same. But more importantly, cheesecakes come in a variety of textures and density. The popular New York Style is known for it’s dense and rich texture while Japanese Cheesecakes are made with meringue that results in a very light cake reminiscent of soft chiffon. German cheesecakes are not as creamy and made with a local cheese called Quark and South Americans use condensed milk and jams to add sweetness. And this is just the tip of the ice berg. Italians use ricotta or mascarpone for a very lightly flavoured and textured cheesecake, Chicago style has a soft centre and firm edge, and gaining popularity in Japan are cheesecakes sold in different “doneness” so you can have your cake cooked halfway and served soft or cooked all throughout and served dense. Each cake is good in it’s own right, no one cake being better than the other. It is highly recommended university essay writing service to save essential parts of text sources from electronic.

Lemon Cheesecake

But don’t get us started with no bake cheesecakes that rely purely on gelatin to hold it’s shape. This type of cheesecake is what most home bakers result to because of it’s ease in preparation not knowing that the sacrifice in flavor greatly exceeds the convenience and time saved. Baking a cheesecake only requires a handful of ingredients and sacrificing just one will create a cheesecake that is sub standard and lacking in flavor.

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake

Our cheesecakes on the other hand are baked with the freshest eggs straight from the farm. Every bite is a balance between the flavor rich New York Style and the Lighter French Gateau au Fromage. And this is what most people have learned to love: a light, creamy and very fine cheesecake that is strong enough to stand on it’s own but shows no resistance once sliced into. This is what makes our cakes different from the rest. We offer the perfect balance of great taste, full flavor and lightness in texture so you can enjoy bite after bite!

Black Sesame Cheesecake

So please let us invite you to our Cheesecake Shop at 2/F Eastwood Mall and taste our creations, all freshly baked to perfection and flavored with the best ingredients to bring you a cheesecake experience like no other!

We are Cheesecakes by Guy, home to Manila’s finest cheesecakes!

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